Finding Your Way in the Nomadic Life

This sweet elephant took me by surprise! I was talking to the other volunteers at the  Elephant Nature Park  in Chiangmai, Thailand when she came close and touched my face in a very funny, loving way. #friendsforlife

This sweet elephant took me by surprise! I was talking to the other volunteers at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiangmai, Thailand when she came close and touched my face in a very funny, loving way. #friendsforlife

My name is Diana and I am an expat living in Jordan. I share the things that bring true joy to me, things I discovered when I connected with my teenage passions like helping wildlife, photography, establishing genuine friendships and slowing down with a warm cup of tea. I am passionate about finding inspiration in fascinating places through exciting experiences with wonderful people. 

Finding other women like me helped me feel like I was not alone on this journey. It inspired me to seek a community of people living their passions around the world. If you are a traveler, a gypsy, a nomad seeking your way or if you are another expat woman forging her path in this wandering life then this site is for you. 

When you live overseas, you find yourself challenged by change, accessibility, security, cultural idiosyncrasies and uncertainty. Doing something creative and meaningful has the power to keep you going when you feel discouraged or question your place in the world. I believe that tapping into our passions is a tremendous gift that can change our lives for the better, wherever we may find ourselves. 

I hope you'll find inspiration in my story and that you join me in creating a meaningful life with passionate work. My wish is that we motivate and support each other along the way.


- Captive Elephants -

Gentle, kind, wise and sensitive, is there another way one could describe the elephants soul? Yet despite their strong sense of community, their infinite loyalty towards others, their immense intelligence and complex social bonds, elephants around the world face some of the most cruel and harsh treatments in recent times. In Asia, baby elephants are awfully separated from their mothers and their herd in order to become slaves of the tourist industry. Once they're "tamed" (Google the term "phajaan"), they begin a life of misery and hopelessness. 

After finding out about the issue of elephants living in captivity, I decided to join the cause and share their story. My passion took me to a beautiful and unparalleled place in the South of Nepal called Tiger Tops Elephant Camp.  Seeing happy, healthy elephants spending their days free from work, stress and off chains was like nothing I've experienced before. After that trip  I decided to volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiangmai, Thailand. Connecting with other people who are fighting for the same principle and seeing first hand how humans can also change the fate of these majestic souls for the better, fueled my passion even more.  

The Elephant Soul is my humble way to honor the elephants and their beautiful spirits. Here, I try to help them as much as I can by telling you, my beautiful readers, why it is best not to ride them and how we can have genuine interactions without compromising their freedom and wellbeing.

I hope you join our journey!

-Spirituality -


Share your light within wherever you are. One constant challenge while living overseas is how sudden things can change. Whether it is friends moving away, spouses getting a new job offer, natural disasters, health complications or finding an extraordinary opportunity that requires us to move on quickly, we're all vulnerable to things we can't control. 

In this blog I talk about the practices, rituals and activities that keep me grounded, especially during times of change and uncertainty. Cultivating a state of mind in which peace and serenity are attained has been beneficial beyond words. We can all create a space in our homes (and heads) where we can be still, pray and receive divine guidance.

My wish is that, by sharing my experience and learning from yours, we can learn how to better navigate through change, fear, expectations and opportunities.  Please share your story. Your journey will enrich mine. 



There are many reasons why people go vegan. For me, reducing animal suffering is a way to live in a more peaceful, rewarding and compassionate way. After giving up all animal products, I have strengthened my connection to all sentient beings. From helping elephants in captivity, feeding street dogs in Kathmandu and being a voice to working animals in Jordan, I firmly believe that by choosing this lifestyle, I'm playing a part in relieving animals from suffering no matter where I live.  

Another way in which veganism has improved my life is through my health. I genuinely feel physically and mentally better after each meal. Each one has his/her own journey and I now how difficult it is to go vegan. It took me five long years to commit! Now, two years in, I can attest for having a great shift in my overall health and energy.

In this section of the blog I talk about my experience and challenges and I will also share some tips and recipes that make vegan living very enjoyable.  If you have recipes you love, please also share them with us. Would love to try them out! Sharing wholesome, nutritious recipes with friends and cooking mostly vegan when we entertain at home is also delightfully fun. 


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