-Inspiring Elephant Welfare Charities-

The following are registered elephant welfare organizations that specialize in providing care for formerly abused elephants. Please read below to find out how these trustworthy and inspiring NGOs are making a change in the lives of those elephants who are still suffering, in the hopes that their exploitation will come to an end in our lifetime. Please consider making a donation today.

Every single dollar will help elephants come closer to freedom and peace.

Elephant Aid International

Elephant Aid International

Elephant Aid International (EAI) is a U.S. 501(c)(3) renowned non-profit organization that helps improve the lives of captive elephants in Asia and North America, through a humane and progressive approach: by building chain-free corrals where elephants can roam around freely; by providing  training to their mahouts (elephant handlers) and by giving elephant foot care, which is essential to their health.

Additionally, EAI has built the ERNA, an elephant refuge in Georgia, United States for elephants to retire from living in circuses and zoos. It’s the first one of its kind in all of the US.

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Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS is an Indian organization dedicated to helping injured and sick abused elephants. They provide medical care to elephants still working and begging on the streets who are wounded and dehydrated as a result of their exploitation.

Additionally, they work closely together with some of the government institutions in different parts of India to ensure a way to promote a better treatment of elephants living in captivity.

In 2018, Wildlife SOS inaugurated the first Elephant Hospital where some sick elephants are already receiving treatment.

Wildlife SOS is also involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of abused elephants.

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Association Moey

Association Moey is a small Swiss non-profit organization founded by Lena Quénard, a devoted elephant advocate who has plenty of experience working with captive elephants around South Asia.

For over five years, her organization has provided palliative care and foot-care for Asian elephants who suffer from various health issues due to their living and working conditions.

Thanks to Association Moey’s initiative, they were able to retire a 60 year old female elephant named Lucky Kali. Nepal’s first elderly elephant to enjoy a life free of chains and work!

Save the Asian Elephants

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When I first heard about Save the Asian Elephants I was impressed by the level of supporters it had: from British celebrities to members of Parliament, this small organization is fearless and determined to make changes at the government and corporate level to secure a more ethical way for tourists to interact with elephants in Asia.

Their ethos comes from a deep sense of concern for the horrific things that happen to elephants in order to train them to work for tourists. After watching the latest interview of their CEO, Mr. Duncan McNair, an accomplished lawyer doing this without any sort of compensation, I became a monthly donor and want other people to support them too Their passion and initiative are deserving of attention and endorsement.