Expat Woman Entrepreneur of the Month - Anabelle Colon

Anabelle Colon has had various jobs. It is not surprising given her many talents. Her sense of humor, her friendliness and easy-to-talk-to attitude have opened many doors for Anabelle throughout her life journey. But it has been her passion for art and handmade designs that have lead her to pursue a profession faraway from her native Dominican Republic.

In this month’s interview, Anabelle Colon, a savvy Dominican jewelry designer shares her insights on pursuing a creative business and moving from one country to the next. This is her inspiring approach to the nomadic lifestyle.

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Expat Woman Entrepreneur of the Month - Marielle Zatar

If there’s one common aspect that is present in the expat lifestyle, it is change. For Marielle, a very driven and talented German expat, a two-month job offer in Dubai turned into a 10-year long chapter of her life. Now in Amman, Jordan she tells us what she does to pursue her passion and promote her love for needlework.

Read on to learn about how her long-time hobby is turning into a big source of joy (and work) and how we can learn from Marielle’s experience to pursue our passions no matter where we are in the world.

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Expat Woman Entrepreneur of the Month - Nausheen Shaikh

Indian entrepreneur Nausheen Shaikh shares her story on how gratifying it is to pursue your passions when you live overseas and the opportunities this lifestyle brings.

Her love for handmade paper designs started from an early age. It wasn’t until she moved to Jordan that she had the opportunity to pursue it on a daily basis. Read on to find inspiration on how creativity can be very fulfilling but how it can also connect you to others as well.

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Expat Woman Entrepreneur of the Month - Lizzie Alexander

From researching the world’s oceans and their ecosystems to changing her career to holistic nutrition and health coaching, Lizzie Alexander has not only transformed the most important aspects of her life, but she is now helping others to do the same whilst living in Amman, Jordan. This is how she did it.

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