I created Elephant Soul Crafts with the intention of helping South Asia's captive safari elephants. Sadly, the conditions in which these majestic animals live and are treated in Nepal and throughout the continent are heartbreaking.

I donate 10% of my shop's proceeds to Elephant Aid International (EAI), a U.S. 501(c)(3) renowned non-profit organization that helps improve their lives through a humane and progressive approach: by building chain-free corrals where elephants can roam around freely; by providing  training to their mahouts (elephant handlers) and by giving elephant foot care, which is essential to their health. Additionally, EAI is building an elephant refuge in Georgia, United States for elephants who are retired now from living in circuses and zoos. Read more here

By supporting my tiny business, you're helping to foster programs that promote the welfare of elephants living in captivity. To learn more, visit the "About" section in my Etsy shop. My fine art prints and carefully curated items were inspired and captured in the land of the Buddha and were taken at holly sites and spiritually relevant Buddhist and Hindu sites. In other words, they have good karma :)

Thank you for being here and for helping Asian elephants thrive!

These are some of the images currently available in my Etsy Shop Elephant Soul Crafts